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Address: Ukraine, Kiev, {street name}, {house}. {почтовый код} Kiev,
phone: {номер в формате +38 (044) 490 28 07}, Email: {адрес почты}

About us

The photo service of the UNIAN agency was created on April 19, 1999. More than fifty speakers are cooperating with us photo reporters of Ukraine. Photoservice services are, first and foremost, one of the first operative in Ukraine photo service news that provides real-time digital photo high-quality and high-quality photos. images that illustrate everyday the most important events in Ukraine. UNIAN also has a photo archive of over 50 Thousands of photos. The tape of photonics and photo archives contain photo information about the most important events political, economic, scientific, military, sports, cultural and spiritual life of Ukraine, genre, ethnographic and landscape photographs, portraits of leading political leaders and representatives business world, culture and show business. For more information, please visit our contacts

UNIAN photos are distributed on a commercial basis. They are provided at the request of the client or at in the form of photographic prints, or in electronic form in the format * .JPG. 99% of photos are colored, the size is 2048 pixels on the maximum side of the frame. The electronic version of the photo is provided to the client within 10 minutes of the order.

Everyone has the opportunity to become a client of photo service of UNIAN, having read the list of photo services. agencies and prices for them, the text of the agreement, filling in the registration form and paying in a convenient for his form of pre-payment for the photo service of UNIAN.

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